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The episodes included in this selection of eight include refugees and immigrants as well as native born Americans. Ethnically, there are Caucasians and African-Americans; Hmong from Laos, Mexicans, Native Americans, and Persians from Iran. In terms of professions, there is a community college president, a painter, a lawyer and former city mayor, a social worker, a cartoneria/paper maché an artist, a mother-daughter team of coffee shop owners, a university professor, a professional dancer and a non-profit fund-raiser.

More specifically, we have included episode #2 (guest is Dr. Helen Carr Benjamin, host is Eve A. Ma), #3 (guests are Dr. Ali Ferdowsi and Shahrzad Khorsandi, host is Eve A. Ma); #4 (guest is Pam Fingado and host is Eve A. Ma), #5 (guests are Louiza Gueorguieva and Maria Mihaylova, host is Eve A. Ma), #9 (guest is Letitia Moore, Esq. and host is Eve A. Ma), #10 (guest is Ashley Phillips and host is Eve A. Ma) and #14 (guest is Yang Xiong and host is Jeff Schoenhard).

To stream individual episodes, go to Alexander Street Press, our distributor. You will need to scroll down - the series starts at about #4 on the page. Or you may purchase the series on DVD. Send a purchase order to or use the PayPal button below. Please note that we have a special price for public libraries and K-12.

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Educational-Individual Episodes (on DVD):

If you would prefer to purchase individual episodes on DVD, here is what we have available. We are currently re-editing several other episodes and expect to have more available some time in the future. Again, if you would prefer, you can send us a Purchase Order instead of buying through PayPal.

Roots & Branches series of 8 DVDs episode #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #9, #10, #14-SEE ABOVE.   Anne Austin   Dr. Helen Carr Benjamin   Dr. Ali Ferdowsi & Shahrzad Khorsandi   Pam Fingado
Louiza Gueorguieva & Maria Mihaylova   Rubén Guzmán   Fred Davis Jackson   Gurbux Khalon   Letitia Moore, Esq.
#10 Ashley Phillips   #11 Sani Rifati   #12 Ray Soungpanya & Bouaphet Sygnavong   #13 Hershell West   #14 Yang Xiong