Home Use - Rubén Guzmán (on DVD)

Episode #6: Ruben Guzman
Rubén Guzmán of Mexico immigrated to the Bay Area as an adult. He had been first a graphic designer in the land of his birth, and later began creating work in cartonería (the Mexican form of paper maché - developed there as a fine art). When he discovered that his work in cartonería was being sold in the San Francisco Bay Area, he decided to establish himself in that area. This was in the days in which immigrating from Mexico was less problematic than at present.

Guzmán uses his art to express the legends and stories he learned as a child, and to communicate his cultural heritage. Many of his creations are drawn from Aztec legend; others represent the nurturing home of his grandmother, and popular stories of Mexico. He uses vibrant colors and original shapes, and creates work varying in size from a few inches to several feet. Listen to him explain how he created two giant dragon heads for Disneyland when he had never before done anything larger than 12 inches tall!

The host of this episode is artist Hershell West.