Home Use - Pam Fingado (on DVD)

Episode #4: Pam Fingado
Pam Fingado is a painter whose work has been exhibited in Italy as well as in her native California. Her work has spanned oils, oil pastels, paper art and collage. In addition to her work as an artist, she is an arts promoter and arts educator. In her role as promote, for many years she operated an art gallery and also helped create and sat on the Arts & Culture Commission of her native El Cerrito. As an educator, she taught art for many years in the public school system.

Fingado's heritage is Swedish, Irish and Spanish. Her interest in this heritage led her to create a series focused on her Swedish ancestors, exploring their lives and personalities through an interpretation of old family photographs. Her interest in paper art is also to some extent inspired by European folk tradition.

The host of this episode, filmmaker Eve A. Ma, has worked with Fingado on a number of projects and found it a special pleasure to conduct this interview.

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