Home Use - Dr. Helen Carr Benjamin (on DVD)

Episode #2: Dr. Helen Carr Benjamin
Dr. Helen Carr Benjamin is the chancellor of Contra Costa Community College in the San Francisco Bay Area. Born and raised in upstate Louisiana, her grandparents were sharecroppers in the segregated South. Learn about the importance to her of family, and how she went from modest origins to become the top administrator of a community college system in California. As part of that process, at one point in her life, she found herself simultaneously raising two children, acting as chair of the English department in a university in Texas, and earning a doctorate.

Community service, instilled in her since childhood, has always been extremely important to Dr. Carr Benjamin. Her chosen role as educator has inspired her to taking a leading role in many local and regional organizations focused education and scholarships. She also serves on the National Council of Black American Affairs, and on President Obama's Commission on the Future.

The host of this episode is filmmaker Eve A. Ma. This episode screened in the Black International Cinema of Berlin (GERMANY)